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Why Get 2 Know Raleigh?


The Story of
Get 2 Know Raleigh

When I founded Get 2 Know Raleigh, it wasn't just about showcasing Raleigh's businesses and their products. It was about shining a light on the individuals who often remain behind the scenes—the minds who bring these ideas to life. 

People admire the products, the cuisine, and the experiences. However, they rarely know the faces behind them. Get 2 Know Raleigh is driven by my passion to spotlight the people and stories that make Raleigh what it is. 

As a small business owner myself, I understand the power of community and connection. My aim with this platform is to also bring the community together physically through free events that foster real connections. 

That makes "Get 2 Know Raleigh" more than just a platform...


It is a movement to celebrate and unite our community, both online and off.


Sana S.

Founder, Get 2 Know Raleigh


Connect with me:

Link to Sana Siddiqui Instagram Page
Link to Sana Siddiqui Linkedin Page
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